[enterpriseseven-list] NIC team + VLAN tags

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Wed Oct 22 14:08:43 EDT 2014

In regard to: [enterpriseseven-list] NIC team + VLAN tags, Brian Long...:

> Has anyone used the new NIC teaming function with VLAN tags?

Not with RHEL 7.  I've just started looking at the same task on RHEL 6,

> I’ve got a NIC team setup between two NICs using the native VLAN.  Now
> I’m trying to create a second sub interface “team0.10” to add VLAN 10
> traffic and I’m not able to bring it online.

Are you doing this using NetworkManager, or traditional config files?
If you're using traditional config files, what do they look like?

If you're using NetworkManager, what does "nmcli -p g", "nmcli -p d",
and "nmcli -p c" report?

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